An exciting time for V1

Published Wednesday, August 7, 2013 2:05 PM by Wearev1, Author

It has been four months since our global rebrand, Catherine Murphy looks at what’s changed at V1, and just how things have improved.

It has been a very exciting year so far, particularly since our global re-brand to V1, four months ago. During the re-brand, we announced our vision to become the global leader in business automation software. This is well and truly underway as we continue to streamline our corporate message and unify the brands of our UK and US businesses. 

Our new brand has been a fresh and exciting transformation for V1, as the company continues its dynamic expansion programme. A major part of our new beginning was communicating our message in the simplest and most effective manner, which was very successful and our customers and partners now love the new look and feel of the business. Our bright red corporate colour reflects V1’s vibrancy, energy and passion for the V1 business.

V1’s brand ambassadors have been driving this new vision forward and they have adapted well to the new brand values and are working hard to communicate with, and listen to, our staff and our customers. Our brand values, to be personal, dependable, straightforward and innovative, are at the core of the business now and will assist us in our broader vision, of becoming global leaders in business automation software.

Today, more than ever, businesses need to streamline their offerings to thrive and survive in this increasingly competitive world. Corporate identity and communicating this identity in a clear and effective way has never been more important. Our forward-thinking and constant development will give customers the software satisfaction they deserve, while saving them time, space and money.

This new era for V1 has marked the start of an enjoyable and exciting journey, as we strive towards our goal to become the global leaders in business automation software.

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