Choosing an accredited EDM solution for your Sage X3 investment

Published Monday, September 21, 2015 2:06 PM by Wearev1, Author

Few of us would hire a gas fitter without checking their credentials, including whether they’re listed on the Gas Safe Register. If we simply hired someone because they were cheap and seemed to know what they were doing, then we would be taking a huge risk.

Although choosing an electronic document management (EDM) solution for your Sage X3 system is hardly the same life and death decision, why take a risk on such an important investment? Thoroughly checking the provider’s credentials should still be key to ensuring the chosen solution is fit for purpose.

Thankfully, with the introduction of the Certified Development Professional and Certified Solution programmes for Sage X3, which are the Gas Safe Registers of the Sage world, choosing third party add-on applications, such as EDM, has been made so much easier.

As the first developer to enter the Development Professional programme, V1 has been given Sage’s stamp of approval. Sage X3 customers can be assured that as a certified developer, V1 follows certain minimum standards and has passed tests for installation and functionality, providing the necessary peace of mind when looking to invest in EDM.

So, what can you expect from V1’s Sage certified EDM solution? Technology that is perfectly tailored for your X3 system, providing users with secure document archiving, electronic document delivery and purchase invoice automation.

By using V1’s integrated EDM, electronic documents can be safely archived, quickly retrieved and automatically sent to one or more recipients. Purchase invoices can be processed with minimal manual intervention and lost invoices become a headache of the past. As the cost and efficiency benefits of moving to automated, paperless processes are so significant, why not take a fresh look at V1’s Sage certified EDM solution?