Hatton Garden: A Reminder That Not All Disasters Need To Happen To You Directly To Have Serious Impact

Published Friday, May 15, 2015 2:28 PM by Wearev1, Author

As we know, over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend a group of criminals illegally accessed Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd in central London, despoiling the contents of dozens of safety deposit boxes.

Safety deposit boxes that contained the valuables and private property of numerous individuals. The latest estimate is that upwards of £50m (possibly £60m) of heirlooms and investments were stolen.

In their completely justifiable reaction to this terrible event, the authorities had to lock down the area for some considerable time.

That meant that, through no fault of their own, many London businesses that were neighbours of the affected building were effectively put out of action for that whole time.

This is what can happen when disaster strikes, as any of us involved in the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (DR) sides of our organisations will be well aware of. But what Hatton Garden reminds us is that such disasters don’t always have to be of the fire, flood, terrorist attack or plane crash variety.

Major crime and public disorder events can also lead to forced evacuation of your staff, cordons round your offices, lack of access to key systems.That’s why it’s vital to keep your Business Continuity plans as up to date as possible. Here at V1, we help a wide range of companies just like you keep on top of this via our Document Management (DM) solution (http://www.wearev1.com/document-management-software/), which allows them to safely access all documents remotely.

The contribution of document management to business resiliency cannot be understated. In addition to providing peace of mind, these solutions can also help you save time and reduce costs.

Catherine Murphy, Head of Marketing

V1 Limited

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