V1 Document Management R4.5 Now Available

Published Tuesday, March 20, 2018 10:27 AM by Dean McGlone, V1

With the new GDPR enforcement, it is the perfect time for us to launch our new release of V1 Document Management. The release contains a number of features, including the new “SmartRetentions” module, which is designed to aid GDPR compliancy.

Under new GDPR rulings, organisations should only keep personal data as long as is necessary, and for the purpose for which it was obtained. It’s therefore prudent to introduce new best practice processes so that documents are automatically removed to be kept only for the statutory period. This will mean finance directors must regularly ‘prune’ data; a tricky and time consuming job without the right systems in place.

The new “SmartRetentions” module is designed to digitally transform this process, enabling customers to set up policies and procedures for the automated retention and deletion of documents. The new features will allow users to:

  • Search for personal data that is stored within document images;
  • Define and apply retention periods;
  • Identify data/documents which should no longer be retained;
  • Delete data/documents which no longer need to be held;
  • And report on data that has been deleted.

As well as this, the release will help to demonstrate approach in adhering to the GDPR “Right to be Forgotten” and the timely deletion of personal data when the compelling reason for its continued storage has expired.

Additionally, the new release introduces new features to the Smart suite of products as well as introducing additional supported platforms.

If you would like more information about V1 Document Management and the new release, please fill out a contact us form.

New Product Release - V1 Document Management R4.5 Now Available by Dean McGlone

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