The Green Agenda – Are organisations still seeing the importance?

Published Monday, August 5, 2013 2:08 PM by Wearev1, Author

In this piece, Catherine Murphy takes a look at the green agenda, is it still important and should it still be a high priority for organisations and businesses?

Electronic document management can play a big part in helping businesses to move towards a ‘paperless office’ and as a result becoming more environmentally friendly. However there are still many organisations out there which are still not maximizing the process. So, we recently conducted a survey to find out if electronic document management is still important for businesses green agendas and also asked the question – do companies even still have a green agenda?

We carried the survey out with 120 senior finance professionals. One of the main findings highlighted that, despite the economy and the enormous amount of pressure on organisations to deliver financially, 89% said that the business benefits of going green and considering a green agenda are still a key consideration for them and 10% said it was more important than ever for their organisation.

By investing in a high quality document management solution, organisations can reduce paper consumption and CO2 emissions dramatically. It makes smart business sense to eliminate paper-based processes and drive environmental benefits. The survey revealed that 95% said that they are interested in electronic document management due to its environmental benefits.

Despite there being this strong leaning towards businesses wanting to be greener, 54% said that financial incentives are most likely to persuade them to become more environmentally friendly.

I would urge organisations not to forget about their green agenda’s and to look into how our V1 solutions can drive, not only green efficiencies but can also lead to time and cost savings. This survey is proof that finance professionals are seeing the importance of electronic document management and the benefits it can bring to their organisations.

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