We Just Might Have Solved The Timesheet Issue For You – And Your Boss

Published Monday, October 20, 2014 2:48 PM by Wearev1, Author


Yes, I know!

We all hate them.

But the reality is – as we all know – that without us filling them in, it is very hard for either the business you work for or the customers we bill to have any hope of building an accurate picture of billable activity.

‘Filling them in,’ by the way, does not mean doing it all in a resentful rush at the end of the month. Hand on heart, do you honestly think that unless you really have been working for just one client or doing one or two simple things over the course of a month that jumble of data is going to be anything more than guesswork?

It’s not fair to the client or your line manager to not consistently and accurately keep track of when you are on the client’s ‘dollar.’ It means budgets and bills get generated that aren’t fully accurate, which is not just inefficient but in our compliance-stressed world may actually be dangerous, too.

But by the same token, is the way companies expect us to record time fair either?

Think about it. You have been travelling, working long hours, getting back exhausted – and just when you thought you could get some quality headspace or even some proper family time, up pops an email or a text reminder asking you to complete your expenses.

We think we may be in a position to help, – and keep the finance department, the FD, the client and the service professional all happy at the same time.

Good-bye late night timesheet duty? Where do I sign up!

How? We recently launched our V1 PSA Mobile Timesheet App, an easy to use option for filling in your expenses.

Up until now, timesheet entry has usually been keyboard and desktop/laptop only. And whilst the Web is great – you could be offline, you may not be allowed on the client’s network, there’s all the travelling downtime and as we’ve said, it might not be the first thing you want to do when you get home.

With a mobile solution, you can do this when you have a spare few minutes, on the train or in the cab (increasingly, on some parts of the Tube too). This gives you huge flexibility, as the system will keep the data even if you are in a ‘not-spot,’ you can do it when you have some dead time in the day or on your commute – and the whole pressure to timesheet your day at 8pm just goes away.

That doesn’t mean you can stop doing timesheets. Your manager still needs them completing, accurately and in a timely manner: and of course the existing V1 PSA solution you may be using has a feature where we ping you (and your line manager!) a reminder on a regular basis (and we know of firms where the number of reminders is a factor at performance review time).

BUT what we have here is a way for you to easily keep up with this less than glamorous but genuinely important part of your business day.

We Just Might Have Solved The Timesheet Issue For You – And Your Boss by