Why LTM is Green

Published Monday, September 29, 2014 2:52 PM by Wearev1, Author

Here’s a radical thought: complete the following sentence by filling in what comes to mind first.

‘I can help my company achieve its Green Agenda by…’

‘… working with the supply chain to see what can be done to cut down our carbon footprint.’

‘… looking at being much more efficient in terms of our power usage, from the data centres out to better desktop management, i.e. running them at low power when not used etc.’

‘… investigating technology like modern video business conferencing and telepresence so as to curb the amount of business travel the team needs to make.’

I am sure there are more (and I would happily point you to great resources like http://www.greenitnet.com, or if you are a BCS member, this http://www.bcs.org/category/10547, to find out what else might be practical for your organisation).

What I bet you didn’t think about:

Learning and Training Management technologies.

Green as God’s Green Apples

Let’s back up a level. Why have I gone all Green this blog?

Well, it’s partly because I am genuinely delighted to say that we’ve won a great business award for our work in combatting global warming in the shape of the prestigious ‘Green Apple’..


If you’re not familiar, the Green Apple Awards are set by an independent environmental group, The Green Organisation. They are all about recognising those companies who are able to demonstrate environmental best practice and are becoming a kind of ‘kite mark’ for Green best practice.

V1 is a company that offers a number of technology solutions to the market, not just L&D systems – has actually been quietly racking up a number of Green Apples over the years.

This is the first time that we will have won an award for our LTM solution, as opposed to the number of green awards we have won for our document management, paperless office technology.

The Green AgendaThat’s significant.

Because it really makes me think that we in the e-learning and learning management space have been a bit remiss about shouting, perhaps as loudly as we should, about the fact that we’re just as Green as videoconferencing or document management.

Why? Well, when you think about it, if you don’t want your staff burning petrol (and wasting a lot of their time) battling the motorway network to get to a client meeting that could have been done a lot more conveniently and comfortably from everyone’s offices by video, why do you want them trekking off down, say, the M4 to some remote training centre for half a day that could, again, have been done a lot easier from their homes or workplaces?

Envaribly there is a large amount of travelling involved with training and certification work that e-education and training takes away. But that’s not all. Think about the masses of dead trees that training manuals and documentation represent that, again, can and should be hosted centrally by the company in ways that are incredibly easy and convenient to access wherever and whenever by your people? If EDM is Green for making invoices or doctor’s case notes go digital, then the same can 100% be said of all the content trainers need and professional development requires, too.

This is all becoming very relevant, by the way, as green is very much rising up the business agenda once again. (Actually, even during the depths of the recession it didn’t ever really go that far away for the bigger corporates, who have all been sticking to their Corporate Social Responsibility goals, more or less.

We recently ran a questionnaire where we surveyed just under a hundred UK CEOs, CFOs and senior finance people and got told by no less than 98% of them that all things Green Agenda are back on the radar – with just over half (51%) confirming it was “definitely important”. Just 1% said Green was unimportant to their companies (with the same proportion stating that they were “unsure” whether it was important or not).

Meanwhile, 89% agreed that IT solutions “such as document management software,” can and will reduce their possible negative impact on the environment, as well as improve business efficiencies.

This tells me, and I hope, you, two things:

We need to frame what we do in modern LTM work as making a real contribution not just to business efficiency but also to the Green/CSR aspect of our businesses.

And two… I want to win a lot more Green Apples – as I know we are helping so many of you guys out there to do just that!

I’ll be getting out my dinner jacket for the actual ceremony in November, when I hope to push the Green message of the LTM contribution to all the other winners.

But I hope you will join me, virtually, in starting to spread the great word about LTM as a Green force.

What do you think? Is LTM a credible Green option for your organisation, or do you still have doubts? I’d love to know – drop me a line.

Make sure it’s not a paper one, though!

Mark Tew
V1 Business Manager

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