Output Management

V1's Output Management solution electronically distributes data from your documents through automatically emailing them. Automating this process will in turn deliver significant savings in time and costs. A particular skill of our Output Management solution is managing, reformatting and repurposing the output of legacy systems. This is mostly done through delivering the ability to add PDF and XML outputs to systems that were not orignially designed to accept them. 


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expense and purchasing management

Expense & Purchasing Management

Manual, paper or spreadsheet-based processes are inefficient, time-consuming and frustrating for employees, managers and finance teams. The automation technology V1 use means you no longer have to rely on them. Instead, our end-to-end solutions deliver a seamless overview of your processes as they automatically and securely handle your purchase and expenses documents. 

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The V1 BACS™ transmission solution allows you to be direct submitter to BACS™ and benefit from the lowest per transaction costs for your supplier and salary payments and direct debits collections. 

On 7th March 2018, Release 6.3 of V1 BACS™ was released, including compantibility for SHA-2 smart cards and certificates. All users must update to a SHA-2 enabled solution by 1st November 2019. If you have not yet done this, contact us now.


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