It is becoming more and more important for companies to have the appropriate IT infrastructure in place to remain efficient, competitive and profitable whilst delivering the highest-levels of service that many clients and staff now expect. Saying that, few companies have the necessary time and resources to effectively manage all of their IT systems effectively. As hardware ages, failures can occur, causing downtime that could impact on your ability to meet ever tighter timescales.

However, the resources required to deliver such an infrastructure can be expensive in both time and cost, often requiring specialist knowledge to deploy and significant funds to maintain. Hosting solutions provide all the benefits of the latest technology without the significant capital investment and deliver an IT solution without the in-house headaches.

V1 Cloud Hosting's services provide businesses with a flexible, scalable and cost effective way to deploy document management solutions to maximise process efficiencies. V1 can also host organisations’ own existing business applications. Cloud-based solutions are hosted on dedicated, powerful servers in a highly secure UK data centre, ensuring sensitive business data is protected from threats posed by viruses and hackers or from accidental loss. Find out how moving to the cloud could help your business.

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10 reasons to move to V1 cloud services

Fully utilise hardware

Lower power costs

Reduced IT staffing costs

Zero capital costs

Resilience with redundancy

Globalise your workforce

Streamline processes

Improve data security

Disaster recovery plan

Greater flexibility

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Public, private, single, multi – which cloud is right for you?

You have made the decision to use the cloud. A wise move! You are joining the 90% of enterprises that, according to IDC, will use multiple cloud services and platforms by 2020. We are already seeing the transition with 451 Research predicting that 60% of IT workloads will run in the cloud by 2019.