V1’s HR document management solution covers the entire ‘recruit to retire’ process, providing secure storage for all stages of the employee lifecycle. This includes:

  • New starter documents such as contracts, offer letters and CVs
  • Review documents
  • Disciplinary and grievance documents
  • Payroll information
  • Leaver documents such as termination agreements and pension information

We appreciate that confidentiality is of paramount importance when handling HR issues, so our solution ensures restricted access to sensitive information.

Our HR customers benefit from instant access to employee files as well as long-term storage of records in accordance with current legislation.  If a personnel query is raised at any point, our solution ensures you are able to quickly and easily access the corresponding documentation with the click of a button.


V1 Capture - Automated Invoice Capture Solution

Integrated into all major accounting and ERP systems, V1 Capture enables organisations to automate and streamline the processing of supplier invoices. Incoming invoices are scanned and, using advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology, V1 Capture automatically recognises supplier invoices and other documents where the format and content can vary greatly.

Adding value to accounting and ERP systems with electronic document management

Reports that the UK is back in recession, not helped by the crisis in the Eurozone, appear to have sealed the fate of company IT budgets for the time being. Many organisations are now willingly implementing their own austerity drives, prepared to 'make do and mend' until business conditions recover significantly. This presents them with a dilemma however. If they have no leverage to invest, how will companies deliver the efficiency and productivity gains they have committed to, and on which their immediate prospects depend?

V1 Document Management Solutions (UK version)

Using our wealth of expertise in software development and business processes, we work with organisations in the public and private sectors to remove the challenges posed by paper-based working. By using our automated document management and imaging solutions, organisations are assured of greater control, visibility and compliance.

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