V1 Professional Services Automation (PSA) Billing Manager shortens the invoicing cycle by a seamless process that converts time, expenses and other project related costs into customer bills.

It will ensure prompt recovery and improved cash flow through increased efficiency in your process.

V1 PSA Billing Manager is an integral part of the V1 PSA product suite and provides a comprehensive solution for invoicing and re-charging for project and services-based organisations. Billing Manager allows your organisation to manage all potential variations of invoicing scenarios and to define multiple invoice document layouts.



Billing Manager gives project and finance teams ultimate control over the billing process to ensure that project costs are turned into revenue and cash as quickly as possible. 

The functionality offered by Billing Manager is comprehensive:

Flexible Deployment
Access to the system is configurable to allow employees, managers and any interested party to have access to the parts they need to do their job - over the web, wherever they happen to be.

Charge/Cost Rates
You can charge costs by different criteria to suit the project or the cost being charged - by resource, resource category, activity or date.

Rates may be hourly or stepped for half day, daily rates and other groupings. All rates can be over-ridden for individual clients and projects.

When it comes to expense and disbursement charging rules, you set your own - uplift by a percentage, uplift by a fixed value or invoice at cost.

Invoice Templates The layout of invoices is fully flexible and may be user-defined. Multiple templates can be set up for different purposes with multiple invoice numbering sequences if required. The system even recognises international and country-specific formats.



Invoice Generation
You can generate invoices based on unit and cost-based value or agreed fixed prices. The system allows online drafting and editing. You can defer, write off, write on or uplift charges as well as modify or add invoice text and narrative.

Invoice Types
A comprehensive range of invoice types is offered, with one available to meet every type of transaction you might encounter:

  • Fixed
  • Milestone
  • Time & Materials (T&M)
  • Advanced
  • Multi-client

Invoice Delivery
You choose how invoices are delivered - paper or PDF.

The range of reports offered includes the following:

  • Work in progress
  • Client billing history
  • Project billing history
  • Invoice detail sheet
  • Cash flow/expected invoicing
  • Future charges


V1 PSA Billing Manager delivers a whole range of important benefits to a business with staff in the field or who work on projects that need to be tracked.

  • Improved cash flow through more timely and more accurate billing
  • Reduced administration for project managers and finance staff
  • Powerful business analysis of client and project revenues and profitability
  • A fully integrated process from time capture, through approval and work in progress to final invoice generation
  • Effective management of all project related billing information
  • Over the web access, anytime and from anywhere
  • Support for multiple invoicing methods and frequencies
  • Fully configurable invoice generation in any format requested
  • A rule-based invoice approval and release process
  • A fully-auditable invoicing, drafting and adjustment mechanism
  • Support for multi-currency, multi-location and local taxation across global operations

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