Budget Manager helps users monitor project performance by allowing cost and charge budgets to be created in a familiar Microsoft Excel environment.

Budgets can be constructed at detail or summary level, incorporating up-to-date actuals to aid forecasting. Budget Manager gives users the power to monitor performance and improve decision-making, helping to maximise profitability.

V1 PSA Budget Manager provides the ability to construct cost budgets, charge budgets and bill schedules for time, expenses and disbursements. Budgets can be created at a summary or granular level and by up to four dimensions - such as period, resource category, activity etc.

The range of budget information held is as wide as you need. For costs, time and materials work, and fixed price charges, you can record budgets that show the breakdown of the main elements of time, expense and disbursement.


Time budgets can be entered in hours, days or financial value. Budgets entered in financial values may be entered in any valid currency.

This module is designed to make the budgeting process easy and intuitive whilst providing a high level of functionality. Cost and charge budgets can be recorded in base or foreign currency whilst contract values can be held at project level, independent of the charge budget and any fixed price bill schedule.

The analysis that the module offers is far ranging. The following gives an idea of the many ways in which you can analyse your budget information to get exactly the picture you want.

  • Task by time and expense
  • Activity by time and expense
  • Resource by time and expense
  • Expense type by expense
  • Resource category by time and expense
  • Department by time and expense
  • Charge rate by time
  • Disbursement by type

Budget Manager is very easy-to-use. It offers the ability to:

  • Extract budgets from the V1 PSA database
  • Create new empty budgets
  • Save budgets as Microsoft Excel workbooks
  • Upload budgets from workbooks to V1 PSA database
  • Assign budgets to different projects.


  • A range of standard reports and report templates
  • An efficient and simple means to develop and publish custom reports
  • Real-time information delivered to the desktop
  • Web deployment for fast, global distribution of information
  • Direct integration with Microsoft Excel for the retrieval of data and cell-based reporting
  • A fully configurable ‘Alert Management’ tool
  • Scheduled production and distribution of regular reports
  • The ability to leverage information and knowledge to improve business processes
  • The necessary tools to support business managers with critical decision-making

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