V1 Professional Services Automation (PSA) e-Reporting delivers business- critical information directly to your desktop, via the web, wherever you may be and at any time you choose.

Part of the V1 PSA suite of software, it offers users crucial information to help enhance profitability and collaboration across people and projects. V1 PSA e-Reporting is an integral part of the V1 PSA product suite.

It provides complete visibility of the performance of all your projects and resources, through Microsoft Reporting Services and the Vision suite.


Reporting is complemented by a customisable ‘Alert Management’ tool. This automates the delivery of event-driven email alerts to managers, ensuring that they have the information they need to take corrective action immediately.

Key business information is delivered to the desktop through a configurable web portal. This helps business managers to make timely and informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date financial and operational information. The system offers a range of products that are integrated through e-Reporting into the V1 PSA suite.

The tools available to users include the following:

  • Microsoft Reporting Services
  • Vision XL
  • Vision Alerts

Vision XL
Vision is an add-in for Microsoft Excel users that makes designing reports easy, offering a point and click approach complemented by a report design wizard. The range of features offered extends to the type of information and the type of display you can choose. Users can select balance and transaction reporting, then display it in the form of traffic lighting and alerts. Vision offers its own data cube for integration with business intelligence and OLAP tools for enhanced analytics.

Vision Alerts
Vision alert is an easy to use, highly flexible means of automating designated reporting tasks on an event or time-driven basis. Features called ‘alerts’ enable Vision to make automated conditional responses to specified conditions in Vision reports. You can automatically schedule reports to run, comparing the results to user-defined performance criteria.

Microsoft™ SQL Reporting Services
This tool is a component of Microsoft SQL Server, through which users are given direct access to live V1 PSA data.

Reports extracted can be delivered to the end user in a variety of forms including paper, HTML, PDF, Microsoft Excel, XML, as well as other formats.

There is a full menu system available where reports produced can be displayed for selection, with appropriate security authorisation built-in.

Report templates and pre-defined selection and sorting criteria can be added to reports so that the information can be flexed when the reports are run.


  • A range of standard reports and report templates
  • An efficient and simple means to develop and publish custom reports
  • Real-time information delivered to the desktop
  • Web deployment for fast, global distribution of information
  • Direct integration with Microsoft Excel for the retrieval of data and cell-based reporting
  • A fully configurable ‘Alert Management’ tool
  • Scheduled production and distribution of regular reports
  • The ability to leverage information and knowledge to improve business processes
  • The necessary tools to support business managers with critical decision-making

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