Effective intra-company charging will help you to get optimal utilisation of available internal resources, whilst ensuring you maintain accurate accounting for cost and profit.

V1 Professional Services Automated (PSA) Intra-Company Charging is a powerful, complementary module to Billing Manager.

The V1 PSA Intra-Company Charging module uses profit centre logic with each office, department or region able to have its own discrete configuration where it defines rules for charge rates, resource cost rates and margins.

Intra-company charging allows all employees or resources to be assigned to a specific profit centre and their intra-company transfer rate established. Employees simply record their time against the projects they are assigned to, using Time and Expense Manager. V1 PSA Intra-Company Charging will automatically ensure the correct allocation of cost, revenue and profit when an employee or resource is deployed on a project on behalf of another profit centre.


Fully Configurable
No matter what the structure of your organisation looks like, simple or complex, the module can handle it. You set up your company inside the software in the way you want it, to suit your needs exactly.

You decide if you generate an invoice or just cross-charge the costs in the form of a transfer.

Charge/Transfer Rates
You can charge or transfer costs by different criteria to suit the project or the cost being charged - by resource, role, activity, date, project or client. Transfer rates can be based on fixed hourly rates, percentage of final client fee or percentage uplift of cost. Expenses and disbursements may also be cross-charged with configurable transfer cost rules.

The online approvals process is tremendously flexible, offering two levels of approval and escalated notification of invoice adjustments.

You choose how invoices or charges are delivered - paper, PDF or intra-companyposting. Reporting The system tracks and reports on intracompany work in progress (WIP).

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