V1 Professional Services Automation (PSA) enables the collection of a wealth of information about client relationships, project performance, project profitability, resource skills and utilisation.

Project Accounting & Administration will provide your organisation with a comprehensive understanding of resource and skills deployment and training and recruitment requirements to enable better forecasting of service revenues and resource availability.

V1 PSA facilitates close monitoring which helps to keep you firmly in control, both of individual projects and your business as a whole.

Project Accounting

The V1 PSA accounting functionality allows you to manage the financial aspects of all your projects. It takes into account currency, project billing, costs and resource issues which will affect the project revenue and allows organisations to perform project accounting to their agreed rules.

It equips you with the answers to key questions such, as: is a project coming in on time and to budget; which clients and projects are the most/least profitable; and which resources are the most productive. It also ensures you can effectively communicate this important information across your organisation.

  • Maintain client and project information
  • Maintain task and activity dictionaries
  • Configure analysis codes/measures to support business analysis and reporting
  • Capture and maintain organisation structure
  • Maintain calendars
  • Maintain resource database, including HR data such as skills, rates, etc

Project Administration

V1 PSA Project Administration supports and simplifies project management by storing all the information relating to projects, clients and expense types in one easily accessible place.

It also helps you to build a knowledge base from which you can draw comprehensive information about your resources, skills and rates.

Reporting is simplified with the use of analysis codes; providing unprecedented project management and analysis. Whether you want to explore the data by activity, project or client, the information you need is at your fingertips.


  • Monitor progress against budget
  • Measure costs by resource and activity
  • Manage currency exchange rates
  • Comprehensively report on work-in-progress
  • Report on revenue and profitability by client, project and other measures
  • Report on resource utilisation and recovery
  • Record achievement against project tasks and key milestones
  • Communicate essential information regarding project status and performance

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