It provides an easy-to-use, intelligent, web-based solution that promptly and efficiently records time and expense information. Today’s global economy, coupled with an increasingly mobile workforce, means that modern businesses demand web-based solutions that provide real-time access, at any time and from anywhere.

V1 PSA Time and Expense Manager provides a single integrated process for entry, validation and approval of time, expenses and other project-related costs.

The V1 PSA database stores a wealth of information regarding resources, clients and projects, as well as providing the capability for detailed analysis, reporting and the sharing of business critical information.


The expense system is fully configurable and includes the following:

  • Chargeable and non-chargeable expenses
  • Reimbursable and non-reimbursable expenses
  • Multi-currency options
  • Expense line analysis
  • Expense groups
  • Unit and cost-based values
  • Automatic tax calculations and coding synchronisation

Intelligent Timesheets
Time and Expense Manager offers a range of facilities in timesheet entry that make it easy and efficient to use.

User-definable Views
The module allows you to define the information that users see on-screen. You can create your own timeline analysis codes to break down information further and change the column layout to suit your needs.

Business today is a 24-hour operation and could be taking place across multiple time zones. Synchronisation allows staff to continue to book their time when access to the main server is restricted - then have everything updated when they are back online.


V1 PSA Time and Expense Manager delivers a whole range of important benefits to a business with staff in the field or who work on projects that need to be tracked.

  • A single point of entry for all timesheet transactions to eliminate re-keying
  • A single process for the capture and approval of expenses
  • Over the web access, any time and from anywhere
  • Multi-language and multi-currency capability to support global projects and resource assignments
  • Optional offline capability for both time and expense capture
  • Workflow to manage the process of approval and rejection
  • Full compliance with the EU Working Time Directive
  • Properly validated and authorised data for billing, cross-charging, cost apportionment and reporting
  • Powerful business analysis and knowledge sharing about project and resource performance
  • Expenses and disbursements from third-party systems
  • Approval and authorisation with full alerting functions
  • Web approval/authorisation and maintenance
  • Multi-level configurable authorisation process
  • Missing time alerts and reporting
  • Integration with payroll, financial control, Microsoft Project and other HR systems

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