On 7th March 2018, Release 6.3 of V1 BACS was released and became the default shipping version. 

What’s in R6.3?                                                                                        
V1 BACS R6.3 is an important release as it introduces full support for SHA-256 certificates & smartcards. These enhancements have been made in response to changes in the payments industry driven by BACS to improve security and removing support for SHA-1 encryption. Sponsoring Banks are currently issuing replacement smartcards which are SHA-2 compatible.

Do existing customers have to upgrade?                                          
Yes, this is a mandatory upgrade. Existing V1 BACS customers must upgrade to R6.3 by the 1st November 2019. If they do not upgrade, they will be unable to make submissions once SHA-1 support is removed.

For more information please contact your V1 account manager, or click here for a copy of the Release Overview.  

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