Seamlessly integrating our solution to your FMS/HR/ERP/CRM system ensures an efficient way to create, capture, store, authorise, deliver and manage key business documents within that system.

Through digitally transforming your current routine, mundane, time-consuming, costly and insecure paper-based processes are replaced with electronic procedures. This eliminates the printing, posting and manual filing of documents, supporting the growth of your modern workplace. 

Case Study - Nichols Plc using V1

Nichols Plc talking about how V1 document management solutions are pivotal to cutting costs and streamlining business processes.


"We have delivered £100,000 combined savings a year by managing documents electronically."

Allan Doyle - Head of IT at Nichols plc

Functions V1 support

V1's Document Management suite of web-based applications has been specifically designed to support the work of different teams across a broad range of organisations

For Accounts Payable Teams

Not using technology to handle your invoices is holding your organisation back. Manual invoice data entry is an expensive task, registering invoices and updating them later is inefficient; paper-based approvals are protacted and time-consuming; documents are lost and duplicates appear. Time is wasted, costs are increased and your processes lag. Relationships with suppliers can also be negatively affected if you have to repeatedly ask them to replace invoices that have been lost or mis-managed. Our Invoice Automation solution, derived from our Document Management suite, provides the digitisation your organisation deserves, to better how it works.

Accounts Payable fact sheet
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The essential guide to Accounts Payable efficiency
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For Accounts Receivable Teams

We work with organisations in the public and private sectors to remove the challenges posed by paper-based working. By using our automated document management and imaging solutions, organisations are assured of greater control, visibility and compliance. V1 can work with you to develop a solution to meet your specific business requirements. In doing so we will streamline processes, improve access to information, reduce costs, enhance productivity and aid both compliance and corporate governance. Our Invoice Automation solution, derived from our Document Management suite, provides the digitisation your organisation deserves, to better how it works. 

Accounts Receivable fact sheet
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The Connected CFO
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For HR Teams

For too long, filing cabinets full of paper documents have been the norm within HR departments. This is a very insecure and highly inefficient way to store documents containing personal and sensitive information. With regulations such as the GDPR, it is vital that you can track your documents and ensure that they are being handled safely. The V1 SmartRetentions module allows this, while our full Document Management suite covers the whole 'recruit to retire' process. These aspects feed into a wholly automated process, giving you time back to focus on appointing the best people, ensuring they remain loyal and motivated. 

Document Management for HR fact sheet
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The Connected HR Director
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University of Bath Saves £25K and Speeds-up Processing of 60,000 Invoices per Year with V1 Integrated into UNIT4's Agresso Business World

The University of Bath, one of the UK’s leading universities, has saved £25,000 per year and is improving invoice processing efficiency as a result of implementing an intelligent data capture solution from V1. V1’s DbCapture system, which is tightly integrated into its Agresso Business World enterprise resource planning (ERP) system from UNIT4, is being used to process 60,000 supplier invoices each year.

Planning for Disaster and the Role of Document Management

UK businesses are still not sufficiently prepared for a disaster. Research indicates that companies’ claims of having a comprehensive Business Continuity Management (BCM) plan in place may be more ‘smoke and mirrors’ than anything else!

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