V1 announces Gold Partner Sponsorship of Sage Summit Dubai 2019

Published 07/03/2019 by Dean McGlone, V1

Boost for sales as RPA drives demand for V1 with Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management

Finance automation company V1 has announced it will be a Gold Partner at the Sage Summit in Dubai on 2-4 April. The event’s overarching theme is ‘drive to thrive’, and V1 will demonstrate how the benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has boosted sales for the thriving business, especially around its partnership with Sage. The company achieved ‘Rockstar’ status within the Sage partner community in 2017 and has seen 28% growth in channel bookings, year on year.

“Businesses are finally waking up to the operational efficiencies that can be achieved with RPA and are wanting more than basic enterprise document management,” said Dean McGlone, Director at V1. “As a result, we’re seeing unprecedented demand for our RPA solutions from the Sage reseller community. Feedback from Sage customers using it, when integrated with Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management, demonstrates the value of invoice automation in accelerating the transformation of finance operations.”

“Businesses cannot afford to waste time and money on mundane finance tasks, which can be automated by a cloud-enabled RPA solution. Until now, RPA has been overshadowed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) but, thanks to partnerships between industry-leading organisations like V1 and Sage, awareness is changing. The success of this partnership has been instrumental in us becoming a Gold Sponsor at the Sage Summit.”

Forrester has predicted that the RPA market will reach $1.7bn in 2019. However, V1 believes many customers are still confused by the narrative around new technology trends. For example, new research by Advanced found that, although 65% of people would be happy to work alongside robotic technology if it meant less manual processes – therefore increasing productivity and efficiency levels – RPA was not a spending priority.

“Despite the success that our partnership with Sage is achieving, we believe there is still a knowledge gap when it comes to RPA. We are yet to achieve tipping point, which is an indication of the opportunity for even greater growth next year. V1 is an excellent example of how partnering with Sage can help businesses thrive,” continued Dean.

“We believe that Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management resellers can tap into this opportunity and gain advantage by ensuring V1 is part of the overall financial management proposition. It’s an easy win – the time and cost savings from RPA technology such as V1 are quickly visible, as customers can immediately do the maths based on the number of core yet daily financial processes that are ripe for automation – such an invoice processing. This makes it easier for the end customer to see the return on investment of the integrated solution, which in turn delivers growth for the partner community.”

For further information on The Sage Summit, see here: https://get.sage.com/partnersummit

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