V1’s Strategic Account Manager for Enterprise Management, Sarah Acton-Hughes

“There is now more emphasis on accessing both solutions and documents via the Cloud and from Smartphones and other mobile devices rather than only from Windows PCs. Many companies now receive far more documents via email and other electronic means than on paper, so it’s inefficient to have to print them out to file them for the auditors.”

V1's Pre-Sales Manager, Richard King

“Everyone is now well aware of the implications of personal data in databases. But personal data also exists in documents, particularly in businesses who deal with the public. The updated solution now offers a means to manage retention policies and automate the removal of older documents. Documents which are not required to be retained can be deleted on demand by staff with appropriate permissions.”

Key Features

  • Simplified installation and integration
  • Greater flexibility to support a wiser range of architectures
  • Improved web portal for Cloud deployment 
  • Deposit and Retrieve documents from any web browser, even on a Smartphone or a tablet
  • New optional module for Retention rules to support your GDPR compliance
  • New optional module for Full Text Search
  • Improved OCR engine and data capture profile for our PIA solution 
  • Optimized for PU9, V11 and Sage Enterprise Management, out the box support for their ClassicPool Syracuse SOAP and REST web-service interfaces, EDM is now a hybrid system utilizing the best of both technologies.
  • Continue to use multiple Sage Enterprise Management Endpoints simultaneously
  • Additional Endpoints are added automatically to an existing system with no user intervention
  • Brand new setup program and fewer patches means installation and implementation is easier and quicker than ever
  • Documentation overhauled to be much easier to follow with fewer steps and now includes screenshots for the relevant sections
  • Brand new HTML5 portal

Using the latest DM4 V1 core software

  • Smart Deposit 
    A browser based image deposit interface fully integrated to the Sage Enterprise Management environment
  • Smart Retrieve
    A browser based image viewer
  • Smart Mail
    A browser configured email solution allowing the extraction and management of emails and their attachments
  • Smart Retentions
    Gives users control over handling document deletion, both manual and automated to fulfil their GDPR obligations.

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